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The Agro Commodities Export Company

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We are an international trading company with a steadfast commitment to growth and innovation, we specialize in optimizing trade processes across a diverse range of commodities and destinations.

Having more than 30 years of experience, we drive efficient market transactions, enabling global trade flows and delivering exceptional solutions. Upholding integrity, transparency, and innovation as our guiding values, we are dedicated to setting new standards in responsible business practices.


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Vision statement

We aim to expand market presence, innovate trading technology, and optimize supply chain efficiencies. We aspire to foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and adaptability that contributes to economic growth, equitable opportunities, and environmental stewardship. Our legacy aims to be one of ethical leadership and a positive impact on the commodities trading industry.

Mission statement

Our core purpose is to enhance growth in the commodities trading sector. We utilize our expertise to optimize trading, create value, and promote sustainable development. Guided by principles like integrity, innovation, and transparency, we prioritize trust, adaptability, and open communication in all our actions and decisions.


At our international trading company, we boast a remarkable team where teamwork and efficiency converge to create exceptional results. Collaborative synergy is at the core of our operations, propelling us to navigate intricate global trade landscapes seamlessly.

Our collective expertise ensures that we operate with precision and adaptability, maximizing every opportunity that comes our way. As a united force, we represent teamwork and efficiency as the driving engine behind our success in the competitive world of international trade.


At Lombard Trading, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the products we trade. We understand that successful international commerce hinges on strong and enduring partnerships, and we take great pride in nurturing and maintaining these relationships throughout every step of the trading process.
From the very outset, we prioritize open and transparent communication with our global partners. We believe in active listening and understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each partner, whether they are suppliers, customers, or intermediaries. This foundational understanding enables us to tailor our trading strategies and solutions to align with their goals, ensuring mutual success.

In an ever-changing global marketplace, we remain dedicated to staying updated on international trade regulations, market dynamics, and industry trends. This knowledge empowers us to provide our partners with informed guidance and to proactively address challenges that may arise during the trading journey.
Quality assurance is paramount to us. We work tirelessly to source and deliver the highest-quality products, adhering to international standards and certifications. Our partners can trust that when they work with us, they choose uncompromising quality and reliability.



Our dedication to the care of our global partners and relations is woven into the fabric of our company’s values. We believe that by building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships, we contribute not only to our own success but also to the growth and prosperity of the entire global trading community. At Lombard Trading, we are proud to be more than just traders; we are partners in progress.
We embrace diversity and inclusivity in our partnerships. We work with partners from various backgrounds and cultures, fostering an environment of respect and collaboration that transcends borders. This approach not only enriches our business relationships but also enhances the cultural understanding that underpins successful global trade.